BAIS - British Association for Irish Studies

Established in 1985, the British Association for Irish Studies is the national network for all those with an active interest in the study of Ireland and the development of Irish Studies.   It operates via conferences, regular seminar series and newsletters, while its Postgraduate Bursary Scheme and Essay Prize support the development of new scholarship. 


In the spirit of Seamus Heaney’s haw lantern, the Association seeks to illuminate the study of Irish culture, history and language.


Useful links

Resources for Irish Studies: A collection of links to useful publications, journals, organisations and other resources.

Irish Studies Review Journal: This quarterly journal is published by BAIS on all aspects of Irish Studies.

Postgraduate Funding: We award Bursaries and hold an annual Essay Prize for work on Irish Studies.


‘The Haw Lantern’ quoted with kind permission from Seamus Heaney’s Opened Ground: Poems 1966-1996 (Faber, 1998), p. 299.


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