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Papers Presented


Gender Conscious Work With Young People: The GAP WORK Project, Maynooth University, Department of Education student teachers (March 2014)

Training for Gender Conscious Youth Work: A Research Project, at the National Youth Council of Ireland Conference (November 2014)


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Biglia, B, 2014-11-11, “Perspectives crítiques sobre la violència contra les dones. Interseccions violència de gènere – heterosexisme” Paper presented at the Jornades d'investigació-acció "Ampliant els horitzons de la violència de gènere”, Ajuntament de Parets del Vallés and LaCentrifugadora, Parets del Vallés, Spain.

Biglia, B, 2014-11-25 “GAP WORK: Improving gender-related violence intervention and referral through youth practitioner training” Talk gived at the I Jornades pel Dia Internacional per l'eliminació de la violència contra les dones, Sala de Graus del campus Catalunya, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain.

Biglia, B,. 2014-05-19 “GAP WORK: Improving gender-related violence intervention and referral through youth practitioner training” Talk gived at the Seminari Violència de gènere, Interseccionalitat i Subjectivitat, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.

Biglia, B. and Jimenez, E., 2014-05-21 "Feminist Research Action: Pitfall, contradictions and strengths"Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Tenth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois .

Biglia, B. 2015-01-05 “Intervening and Researching on Gender Violences: the challenging experiences of the GAPWORK Project. Talk given at the City University of New York, Graduate Center. Organised by the Critical Social/ Personality Psychology Departament, NY, USA.

Biglia, B, Alldred, P. and Inaudi, C., 2014-07-02 “Avaluació de processos formatius en violència de gènere” Talk given at the Seminari Interdisciplinar de Metodologia de Recerca Feminista (SIMREF).

Cagliero, S. 2014-04-3 "“Violencias de género en Italia: de la agresión sexual al feminicidio” Paper presented at V Aula de Debate de Jóvenes Investigador@s en Temáticas de Género 2014, Instituto Universitario de Estudios de  la Mujer de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid).

Jiménez, E.; Biglia, B. and Olivella, M., 2014-07-04 “GAP WORK. Llenando vacíos en la formación en violencias de género para personas que trabajan con jóvenes en Cataluña” Paper presented at the V Congreso Universitario Internacional “Investigación y Género 2014”, Seminario Interdisciplinar de Estudios de la Mujer (SIEMUS), Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.

Olivella, M.; Biglia, B.; Jiménez, E. and Cagliero, S., 2014-09-27, “Unpacking Gender Related Violence Laws in Spain: Who is considered the subject of law and what are the consequences for social policies?” Paper presented at the International Conference on Women's Studies, Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vienna, Austria.


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