This is the third and final report from the EU Daphne-III co-funded GAP WORK Project on improving gender-related violence (GRV) intervention and referral through ‘youth practitioner’ training that has been designed and coordinated by Dr Pam Alldred at Brunel University London (UK) between 2013-2015. This report describes the four training programmes developed and piloted as the ‘Actions’ in Ireland, Italy, Spain and the UK, and presents initial evaluations of the training courses. Research continues among the academic partners and later evaluations may reveal more about the application of learning by trainees in their places of work and over a longer period, but this report gives an account of evaluations conducted within the project period.

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This report outlines the socio-legal context within the European Union (EU) and each participating project nation in relation to our conceptualisation of Gender Related Violence (GRV). The main aim of this legal analysis is to understand the legal framework and the political discourses of the different countries participating in the project and their relation with the European Legislation.

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