Training Resources


Training actions were coordinated in the UK by the Centre of Youth work Studies of Brunel Uniervsity, and resources were produced in collaboration with Rights of Women, About Young People and the London Borough of Lewisham.

The cascade resource 'Unpacking Gender Related Violence' aims to explore the significance of language and culture in reinforcing or challenging gender inequalities, violence and Gender Related Violence (GRV) in work with young people. The process of ‘Unpacking GRV’ is explored through three key stages within this resource: Inform, Assess and Act. It is expected that the ‘Inform to Act’ process set out within this resource will provide youth practitioners with a framework for exploring GRV within their practice settings and identifying practical steps for action in the prevention of GRV amongst young people. It is available in three complementary files:

Unpacking GRV 1 : Unpacking Gender Related Violence
Unpacking GRV 2 : Promoting healthy relationships and sex & the law
Unpacking GRV 3 : Taking Action to Combat GRV - Information, Resources and Activities for Youth Practitioners


The legal guide legacy resource

Understand, Identify, Intervene: Supporting young people in relation to peer-on-peer abuse, domestic and sexual violence

was produced by Rights of Women to provide support to young people in relation to peer-on-peer abuse, domestic and sexual violence. It includes information on legal issues affecting women. The information contained therein is not legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you should talk to a lawyer or advisor before deciding what to do. The information given here is written for people resident in or affected by the laws of England and Wales.


The training in Spain was organized in Catalonia by the University Rovira i Virgili, and carried out in collaboration with the training partners Tamaia and Candela. On the following local blog information can be found in Catalan about the project and related research and material.The Cascade Resource produced in Catalonia is available in Spanish only:

Young people, gender and violence(s): let's make prevention ours.

The training material and resources such as PPTs created during the Gap work project are also available for free, in Catalan and Spanish:


Promoting gender conscious youth work for gender equality.

The Department of Applied Social Studies [DAPPSS] at Maynooth University produced within the GAP WORK project a resource pack for Youth Work Practitioners on Gender Conscious Youth Work Practice, with a valuable catalogue of resources for the professional Youth Worker to inform their thinking and their practice. The resources have been used by NUIM in designing and delivering training during the GAP WORK project to community work and youth work professionals. It includes training tools and relevant literature that trainers and educators will find helpful in understanding the complexity of considerations inherent in becoming a gender equality practitioner. Some of the resources are aimed at working with adults and some are for working with young people.  Almost all of the resources are available on line, and there are useful websites that contain on-going, updated information and tools for doing gender based training, work and study. For more information and to download the rsourec: GRV Resource Cataloguefor Community Work and Youth Work Practitioners



The training was coordinated in Turin by the CIRSDe institute of the University of Turin, and organised in collaboration with the support centre for victims of violence DEMETRA and Maurice centro per la comunità glbtq.
The following material was produced to train people working in health care to recognise and deal with gender related violence issues :