Transnational cooperation

In every country, involved in this project, efforts have been done in the past and are still been done today in order to establish sustainable supply chains of biomaterials, based on hemp and/or flax. The challenges to succeed are numerous and very similar in every region. In the past, the local initiatives were very much related on itself, trying to find solutions for very diverse challenges on technical, logistical, quality, commercial, etc. level. A lot of initiatives failed, leaving not only financial repercussions, but also with a negative effect on the image of - especially - hemp fibre as an interesting resource for various biomaterials.

Today the number of stakeholders who are already working with hemp and flax for the use in technical applications are relatively small. The awareness is rising that it is necessary to stimulate all stakeholders to work more closely together as well as to have a transnational cooperation of institutions of different sectors to stimulate this economical biomarket in an efficient way. This is the main scope of the project proposal. The extended transnational partnership, working in different sectors, and the innovation network, established during the project, will strengthen the synergy between primary production, primary/secondary transformation, manufacturing and end-use of hemp and flax products.