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Series Aim:  To promote discussion across disciplines within the social sciences in order to gain a more complete understanding of experiences of later life within ethnic minority groups in contemporary society.

Programme: Speaker Abstracts

  • Seminar 1: Black and ethnic minority perspectives on mid and later life: November 7th 2012, Brunel University. Full Agenda.


Tracey Reynolds - Ageing Well in the Age of Austerity

Chris Philipson -  Placing Ethnicity at the Centre of Studies in Later Life

Kristine Ajrouch - Ethnic Minority Ageing in the US - Muslim Perspectives

Sandra Torres - Understanding the Ethnic 'Otherness' in relation to Elderly Care


  • Seminar 2: Developing research capacity in black and ethnic minority ageing studies: November 8th 2012, Brunel University. Full Agenda 


Sharon Wray - Methods of Working with Black and Ethnic Minority Older Women

Rosalind Willis - From Researcher to Lecturer


  • Seminar 3: Experiencing mid and later life amongst minority communities: networks, space and place: Swansea University (10/07/13 tbc).


  • Seminar 4: Understanding race, ethnicity and ageing through policy and practice: London (09/13 tbc).


  • Seminar 5: Engaging black and minority mid and later life people in research: Brunel University (01/14 tbc).


  • Seminar 6: Mainstreaming Race and ethnicity and the life course: Worcester University (09/14 tbc).

Series Organising team:

Brunel University: Christina Victor, Akile Ahmet, Deborah Cairns and Wendy Martin

Swansea University: Vanessa Burholt

Worcester University: Karan Jutlla

Series Administrator and contact details: Robert Ewers

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