The 10th Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology

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The 10th International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB 2012) organized by the Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology, Brunel University was held at the Royal Society, London, UK, on October 3-5 2012.

CMSB 2012 was an opportunity to hear about the latest research on the analysis of biological systems, networks, and data. The conference brought together computer scientists, biologists, mathematicians, engineers, and physicists interested in a system-level understanding of biological processes.  The entire event was held at the Royal Society's headquarters in central London;  the programme included presentations (three invited talks, 17 full length papers, 8 flash posters and 14 regular posters), a drinks reception, a conference dinner in the Dining Room, and a poster session. 

Some photos of the event can be found here

The proceedings of CMSB 2012 include the invited talks, full length papers and flash poster abstracts, and are published by Springer as LNCS/LNBI 7605 with ISBN and DOI references. Hardcopy of the proceedings were available at the conference.

Best Paper: Santiago Videla, Carito Guziolowski, Federica Eduati, Sven Thiele, Niels Grabe, Julio Saez-Rodriguez and Anne Siegel.  Revisiting the Training of Logic Models of Protein Signaling Networks with a Formal Approach based on Answer Set Programming.

Best Student Paper: Alfonso Carta, et al.  A Simple Model to Control Growth Rate of Synthetic E. coli during the Exponential Phase: Model Analysis and Parameter Estimation.

After the conference, a selection of papers will be invited to be extended and submitted to a special issue of Theoretical Computer Science.

For this year, the HiBi workshop has merged into CMSB. A selection of best papers from the HiBi session will be similarly considered for publication in an international journal.

CMSB 2013 will be held on 23-25 September 2013 at IST Klosterneuberg, Austria.

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