Expert Advisory Panel

Dr Gerard Coll-Planes, Universitat de Vic, Spain

Michael Barron - Director, BeLonGTo, Ireland

Jay Stewart - trainer and co-founder Gendered Intelligence

Ros McNeil - Principal officer, gender, LGBT and disability equality, National Union of Teachers

Rita Rupal - Domestic Violence Manager, London Borough of Hackney

Vicky Trott - Equalities Officer, London Borough of Hillingdon

Erica Rolle - Domestic Violence Strategic Coordinator and lead for VAWG, London Borough of Hillingdon

Dr Roberto Kulpa - Eastern/Western European Sexualities Researcher

Dr Tam Sanger - Researcher on transgender and relationship issues

Professor Mike Watts - Education and the training of teachers, Brunel Department of Education

Professor Christine Piper - Family and Child Law, Brunel Law School

Dr Jane Ellis - VAWG in schools, educational interventions with young people and professional training, University of Worcester

Dr Ester McGeeney - researcher in CIRCY, Sussex University, and sexual health advisor for Brook 

Dr Alison Phipps - researcher on gender cultures and sexual violence among students in Higher

Education, NUS Hidden Marks, Sussex University

Dr Claire Maxwell - researcher on Violence Against Women and Girls and girls' agency in schools, Institute of Education, University of London

Dr Sevasti-Melissa Nolas - Young people's participation in mental health and domestic violence services, Department of Social Work, University of Sussex

Dr Simon Bradford - Youth work practitioner training and DAPHNE project experience

Carlene Firmin - Director of MsUnderstood, and peer-on-peer abuse researcher, University of Bedfordshire

Tess Joseph - Equalities strategies and training, including policing

Professor Jane Rarieya - Gender violence and gender equality policy expert, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa

Candice Wallace-Henry - Child Development Specialist at Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development,Trinidad and Tobago