:: Stir It Up 2014-2015 ::

The Stir It Up project lead by the University of Bristol mapped the incidence of online and offline physical, emotional and sexual forms of violence in young relationships across five EU countries (Bulgaria; Cyprus; England; Italy and Norway). It studied the subjective impact, the associated risk and protective factors, the experiences of young people and their perspectives on what would help. The project was co-funded by the EU's Daphne III programme. It produced a web/phone based resource in the partner languages:

Relevant publications:

Barter, C., Stanley, N., Wood, M., Aghtaie, N., Larkins, C., Øverlien, C., ... Lesta, S. (2015). Safeguarding Teenage Intimate Relationships (STIR): Connecting online and offline contexts and risks. Research Report.

Wood, M., Barter, C., Stanley, N., Aghtaie, and Larkins, C. (2015). Images across Europe: The sending and receiving of sexual images and associations with interpersonal violence in young people’s relationships. Children and Youth Services Review, 59, pp.149-160.

Contact person: Christine Barter,


:: Article in FWSA Newsletter December 2015 - Feminist pedagogies ::

'Education and training for youth professionals to challenge gender-related violence'

by Miriam David, Professor Emerita of Sociology of Education at UCL
Institute of Education and a columnist for The Times Higher Education Supplement.

The theme of the FWSA conference was absolutely germane to the feminist activist GAP-work research project. Miriam David's talk, ‘A feminist manifesto for education’ highlighted current debates around education and training objectives to tackle violence against women, children and young people. Miriam describes how the project was established and the key challenges in the process.

Feminist and Women's Studies Assocation (UK and Ireland)


:: Our most recent publication ::

 Gender-Related Violence and Young People: An Overview of Italian, Irish, Spanish, UK and EU Legislation.

by Alldred, Pam and Biglia, Barbara

published (2015), Children & Society, 29: 662–675. doi: 10.1111/chso.12141

Do laws regarding violence against or sexual exploitation of young people recognise gendered and other power dynamics? Cross-national comparison of legal texts can illustrate the benefits of framing issues of violence/gender/youth in certain ways and offer critical reflection on particular legal frameworks or cultural understandings. This policy review is based on an analysis of select laws regarding gender-related violence (GRV) as relates to young people in Italy, Ireland, Spain and the UK. Here, GRV is defined as sexist, sexualising or norm-driven bullying, harassment, discrimination or violence whoever is targeted. It therefore includes gender, sexuality and sex-gender normativities, as well as violence against women and girls. A tension emerges between granting young people agency and recognising the multiple, intersecting power relations that might limit and shape that agency. This article draws out the implications for the UK in particular, highlighting the absence of preventative measures and the need for a broader approach to combat GRV.


:: New resources from Daphne Projects ::

The STIRitUP Project

This is a 24 month collaborative research project based in five European countries – England, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy and Norway.

It has four main aims:

  • Map relevant European research, policy and practice.
  • Document the incidence, impact and dynamics of online/offline experiences of partner violence and control within young people’s lives.
  • Explore young people’s own experiences of relationship violence and views on prevention.
  • Development of an appropriate, directly accessible, web-based resource and app for young people

 The ACT Pack (Leeds Beckett University)

Click here to view Launch of the ACT pack


:: EU funded tools for the job: helping teachers and health workers tackle gender-related violence ::

3rd February 2015

An article about the GAP WORK project and the issues it has tackled by Prof. Miriam David on the IoE blog: 'Gender violence has been a key theme of the European Union’s Daphne programme. I have been involved with a most exciting and innovative Daphne-funded research project to develop free online training tools, which we hope will help teachers, youth…'


:: GAP WORK project media campaign ::

January 2015

As the GAP WORK funded activities come to an end, the project partners launch a media and dissemination campaign, to promote the resources and outcomes of the project. Some great visibility has been achieved in the UK trough the following articles:


:: Conference: Gender, Sexuality and Young People: After No Outsiders ::

9th December 2014, York, UK

Venue: Berrick Saul Building, Treehouse, York

This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together early career researchers whose work explores issues around gender, sexuality, and young people. Being in collaboration with the British Educational Research Association’s ‘Sexualities’ special interest group, we are particularly interested in work examining the intersections between gender, sexuality, (in)equality and education.
Co-organized by: Centre for Women's Studies, University of York

+info Register here.


:: Gap Work local conference and dissemination in Turin, Italy ::
Friday, November 21, 2014, Turin, Italy

Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100, Torino
Aula C2
Presentation in Italy of the final research report of the European project GapWork to combat gender-based violence
The conference is organized by the CIRSDe institute of the University of Turin, and will be an opportunity to learn about the achievements of the project, meet with scientists and researchers of the European team and deal with the trainers and participants from the pilot sessions.
14.00 - Welcome and registration
14.30 - Opening address: Monica Cerutti, Councillor Piedmont Region; Silvia Giorcelli, President CUG - Univ. of Turin; Carmen Belloni, President CIRSDe - Univ. of Turin
15.30 - Reports
Clare Inaudi, Local Action Coordinator, Italy, CIRSDe Univ. of Turin
Neil Levitan, Local Action Coordinator, UK, Brunel University London
Sara Cagliero, Research consultant, Spain, Universitat Roviara i Virgili Tarragona
Alessandra Cibelli, Demeter Center, Turin
Filippo Alossa and Stefania Actis, Circolo Culturale Maurice

18.00 - closing debate

To register please contact: 


 :: Addressing Sexual Bullying Across Europe (ASBAE) Project Conference

Date: 28th January 2015.


If you would like to attend please register via our link - However if you cannot attend and would like to obtain materials please visit


We would be most grateful if you could circulate this amongst your networks. The project aims to engage with parents, teachers, youth workers, school counsellors/psychologists – anyone working with or caring for young people aged 13-18.

 A flyer for the conference is provided here.


:: Preventing violence against women and girls ::
book by Jane Ellis and Ravi Thiara 

Policy Press, University of Bristol (October 2014)

The need for children and young people to learn about violence against women and girls (VAWG) has been voiced since the late 1980’s. This is the first ever book on educational work to prevent VAWG, providing the most comprehensive contribution to our knowledge and understanding in this area.

By bringing together international examples of research and practice, the book offers insight into the underpinning theoretical debates and key lessons for practice, addressing the complexities and challenges of developing, implementing and evaluating educational work to prevent VAWG.

This multidisciplinary book will be of interest to educationalists, VAWG and child welfare practitioners, policy makers, researchers and students.


:: Closing the gap on gender-related violence among youths. ::

24th October 2014, London 

On the international day of the girl.

In the UK, the sexual violence girls and young women sometimes face from peers and partners was highlighted in recent reports from the Office of the Children's Commissioner. This International Day of the Girl, let's look at what's being done to challenge this and help those affected. One good news story is of our international project to enable professionals in everyday contact with children/young people to act.

The GAP WORK Project is a unique European Union co-funded project to train youth workers, teachers, social workers and nurses in four countries how to close the gap on gender-related violence against - and among – children and young people.

The two-year Project has designed and ran free training workshops in Italy, Ireland, Spain and the UK to improve practitioners’ confidence to challenge sexist, sexualising, homophobic, controlling or normative language and behaviour.

Led by academics from Brunel University London’s Centre for Youth Work Studies, the findings of the project will be presented to an audience of peers at Amnesty International UK’s headquarters in London on 24th October.

Dr Pam Alldred, Director of the Centre for Youth Work Studies, said: “This training explores an area in which we believe there to be a skills and knowledge gap among a range of professionals working with young people. It’s about making sure young people don’t fall into a gap between children’s and adult victim support services and bridging the gap between young people’s everyday experience with their peers and the identification of violence or abuse. It’s about challenging the values that sustain violence, as well as being able to refer those affected appropriately.

“Professionals who have attended the workshops are expected to pass what they have learned onto colleagues. Our next step will be to evaluate the programme and consider how it can be used to reach new audiences and define future policy.”

The training was delivered to 200 practitioners in each country. The UK team comprised an experienced youth worker, experienced UK lawyer and sexual health trainer. The project was co-funded through the EU’s DAPHNE programme to eradicate violence against women, children and other minorities.

To attend the findings conference or for more information, visit


:: Higher education must address gender-related violence ::
Times Higher Education, 23 October 2014

article by Miriam David

Universities need to ensure that those with everyday contact with young people recognise and challenge abuse...

Read the full article here.




:: CALL FOR PAPERS: Fifth Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia ::

27th - 28th November 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

Victims' protection: International law, national legislations and practice
The conference aims to bring together experts and researchers, who deal both theoretically and practically and from the perspective of different disciplines with victims’ rights and provide assistance to victims of violence and other forms of crime, and to enable a comprehensive exchange of experience and knowledge. Within the Conference topic, the legal framework at international and European level, as well as current legislations, policies and practices of different countries will be critically reconsidered from the point of view of providing effective protection to victims and improving their overall position.
The deadline for submitting abstracts of proposals for presentations, workshops or posters is 15th September 2014. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee and replies will be sent by the 30th September 2014. 

Among the plenary speakers, there will be:
Dr Pam Alldred: Gender, gender-related violence, LGBT rights and hate crimes: the experience of four EU countries
Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care, Brunel University, London (United Kingdom) and director of the Centre of the Youth Work Studies. Principal Investigator on an EU co-funded project “GAP Work”, devising innovative anti-homophobia and relationship violence training for teachers and 'youth practitioners' in four countries. 

For any additional information about the Conference, please contact VDS on the telephone +381 11 6303022 or via E-mail or .



:: Sexuality and disability, queer on wheels::
6th October, Turin, Italy

Time: 20:30 Meeting place: Maurice GLBTQ, via Stampatori 10, Turin
The event is open to anyone who wants to follow the route and/or to help with the organization of future activities such as: 
- Self-training / workshops and discussion evenings 
- Staff training facilities that deal with disability 
- Management communication (website and social networks) 
- Calls for any projects and contact other companies / entities


:: We recommend: Seminar on violence in Mexican young women's lives ::
30th September 2014, London, UK

time: 4-5:30 pm
venue: Brunel University, Room tbc 

speaker: Dr Noemi Ehrenfeld, University Autonoma de Mexico 

This event is part of 2014-2015 monthly seminar series, organized by the Centre for Youth Work Studies, part of the Research Institute of the Environment, Health and Societies, at Brunel University.

The autumn 2014 theme of this seminar series is : Violence and Young People: Approaches to Study and Intervention.



 :: Conference - Children in different life contexts ::
26-27 Septembre 2014

Venue: Università di Torino, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Sala Lauree Rossa
Lungo Dora Siena, 100 - Torino

Children in different life contexts: experiences, citizenship and wellbeing. Interdisciplinary perspectives

Speakers include: Jean Yves Authier, urban sociologist, Alfredo Mela, urban sociologist, Francesca Zaltron, Anna Rosa Favretto, Stefania Fucci, sociologists, Marco Barra, psychologist, Michael Wyness, sociologist, Valerio Belotti, sociologist, Claudio Baraldi, sociologist, Vittorio Iervese, sociologist, Guido Maggioni, Paola Ronfani, Carmen Belloni, Valerio Belotti and many more...

Event co-organized by CIRSDe



:: Seminar on Domestic Violence and Young People: Tackling Teenage Relationship Abuse ::
24th September 2014, Central London

This special symposium offers an invaluable opportunity for practitioners across the child welfare, police, education, health and domestic violence services and key stakeholders to: 
Assess how the latest developments can strengthen front-line responses to teenage domestic and sexual abuse
Discuss how to equip young people with an understanding of healthy relationships, consent and non-violence
Consider how to improve local victim support services to ensure the needs of teenagers are met and their recovery facilitated

Examine how to work in partnership to deal effectively with young perpetrators

Key speakers:
Pam Miller, Senior Analyst, Strategy Unit, NSPCC
Shabana Kausar, National Schools Engagement Officer, Women's Aid
Kate Iwi, Young People's Service Delivery Manager, Respect
Event Details Website Register to Attend
:: Recommended read: BERA article ::
September 2014

The challenges of domestic violence or sexual violence for 'frontline workers': developing training materials and educational resources
post by Miriam E. David

Emeritus Professor, Institute of Education

The issue of gender-related violence (GRV) has become a public topic and on public agendas as a matter of some critical concern. But the question of how to prevent its frequent and devastating, often tragic and traumatic, occurrence remains a challenge, given the lack of consensus on how to define, let alone tackle the problem of intimate sexual and social relations. There is little public debate about how to provide the necessary support, and what that support should entail. Should it be preventative or merely intervening after the event with legal, financial and resource/residential solutions? 


:: SAVE THE DATE: International Conference on Women’s Studies ::

24-28 September 2014, Vienna, Austria

It has been a long time ago since feminists started to debate women’s rights, and different treatment women receive in societies, politics and working markets. Even though feminist voices are still loud, and feminists still warn about inferior position of women in comparison to men in all aspects of life, have we reached true equality? Statistics and events forming daily consumption of the international media show we have not reached an ultimate goal of equality, and yet certain movements are claiming that feminists are too loud and that men’s rights need to be protected due to the enormous influence of ‘women’s lobby’. Have we truly reached equality, and are feminists jeopardizing the rights of men?
These and other issues are subjects of our conference. Call for papers open.



:: SAVE THE DATE: 2015 Feminist and Women¹s Studies Association (FWSA) Conference ::
9th - ­ 11th September 2015,
School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK

Everyday Encounters with Violence: Critical Feminist Perspectives

A detailed Call for Papers will be announced by early June 2014 on the FWSA website.

Provisions for on-site (subsidized) childcare and a range of accessibility needs and (reduced-rate) virtual attendance will be offered.

Please contact Ayona Datta or Martin Zebracki with expressions of interest in being part of these events and to add your name to the email list.


:: International Conference: Research and gender ::
Sevilla, 3-4 July 2014

Edurne Jiménez from the URV team presents the 'Gap Work, filling gaps in gender violence training of professionals working with young people in Catalonia ' at the international conference 'Research and Gender' 


:: Domestic Violence and the Political Agenda: Looking Back and Looking Forward ::

25th June 2014, Preston, UK

4-5.30pm, Brook Building room BB008

Connect Centre for International Research on Interpersonal Violence and Harm

UCLAN University of Central Lancashire, School of Social work

Presented by Thangam Debbonaire, Respect Research Manager and Parliamentary Candidate

The seminar is free and all are welcome.  Refreshments are provided.

To reserve a place go to EventBrite.


:: Challenging Sexual Violence Among/With Young People international seminar ::

10th June 2014, London

Location: Mary Seacole Building, Room 202
Time: 13:30 - 19:00

Read the full programme here.

(This event was originally scheduled for the 29 April, but was postponed due to the Tube strike.)

Seizing Dr Debbie Ollis while she is over from Australia, we are delighted to make this seminar on work with young people to challenge gender-related violence an international seminar. The European Union's Daphne III Programme (2007-2013) seeks to 'prevent and combat violence against children, young people and women and to protect victims and groups at risk'. The Brunel DAPHNE-III co-funded project will have hosted its Expert Advisory Panel meeting that morning and invites its members to stay on. Christine Barter, director of one of the UK's other current DAPHNE-III projects will report on their actions so far on their project about violence in young people's intimate relationships and the issues facing international projects that seek to challenge sexual violence/relationship abuse among young people. Dr Pam Alldred will describe progress and lessons so far from the Brunel DAPHNE project Then our final speakers, Dr Ester McGeeney and Dr Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, will challenge us to imagine more participative ways of tackling gender-related violence with young people and reflect on her own work in the field.

For further information or to register for the Seminar, please email


:: Tenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry ::

May 21-24, 2014

Dr. Barbara Biglia from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain), will be presenting on Gender Related Violence issues and the Gap work project cross European qualitative research actions, as well as funding specificities of this EU Daphne III programme project, at this international event organized by the University of Illinois (US).

+ info



:: Violence and Health Conference - Conference FNOMCEO Reggio Emilia ::

11th April 2014, Turin, Italy

This is the National Conference of the Federation of the Italian Associations of Physicians to be held in Reggio Emilia. This is the first time for the Italian Doctors in their highest expression to take charge of the Domestic Violence Problem.



:: Conference" Medicine and violence" ::

3rd April 2014, Turin, Italy

This event held at the Traumatologic Ortopedic Center of Turin, was co-organized by the project partner DEMETRA, and has done much to arouse interest in this health topic and has seen among the 250 people participants also many who later joined the Gap work training in the sanitary edition.


:: Happy participants at UK training ::

13 March 2014, London, UK

 Here some images with the participants of the Gap work training in the UK, with the trainer Malin Stenstrom.


:: Male violence in the work of four contemporary artists: Exhibition, events, workshops, seminars... ::

Activities from 8th of March to 4th of May 2014, Galleria Civica di Bolzano, Italy


Cose da uomini | Männersache
(In English loosely translated as 'a man's thing') is an artistic research project that addresses the issue of gender violence through the language of contemporary art, taking into account the recent debates, changes and paradigm shifts that invite us to frame violence against women as a phenomenon that affects the whole of society, gender roles and power asymmetries.

Chiare Inaudi, the Gap work project's Italian local action coordinator has shared project findings and issues at this residence training for artists (image below).

Participating artist are: Gianni Moretti, Benno Steinegger, Benjamin Tomasi, Cosimo Veneziano.

The project is curated by: Susanna Sara Mandice, in collaboration with Codice Ivan




:: Gap work training has started in Italy! ::

07 March, 2014, Turin

The local partners CIRSDe, Maurice centro per la comunità glbtq and Centro Supporto ed Ascolto Vittime di Violenza DEMETRA  in Turin have started training with participants from the social and educational sector. We look forwardto hearing more about it soon!


:: Recommendations for International Women's Day ::
8 March 2014


The fourth edition of the autonomous feminist conference will take place from 7th to 16th March 2014 in Barcelona.

It starts on FRIDAY 7th March 8pm with a NIGHT RALLY with women, lesbians and trans: "Fem-fortes us, fem-ho juntes, the nit és nostra".

twitter @se_va_armar


:: Love, honour, obey: will the IoE repent its UCL union at leisure? ::

20 February 2014

Project Partner Miriam David, from the IoE speaks out about gender equality and University mergers, in this article published in the Times Higher Education.



:: Finding out about the Gap work project at Brunel University ::

January 2014

This winter's staff student Social Work Division newsletter features information about our project. Check it out!

+info on page 5


:: Gap work training has started in the UK::

January 2014

For full details about the training see our training page.

Here an image of Malin Stenstrom, Brunel University's Research Assistant, starting training on day 2 group 1 :



:: Male violence in the work of four contemporary artists ::
27 to 31 January and 8 March to 4 May 2014, Bolzano, Italy

Cose da uomini | Männersache
(In English loosely translated as 'a man's thing') is an artistic research project that addresses the issue of gender violence through the language of contemporary art, taking into account the recent debates, changes and paradigm shifts that invite us to frame violence against women as a phenomenon that affects the whole of society, gender roles and power asymmetries.

There will be an exhibition, held at the Galleria Civica di Bolzano, which will present new projects made from a residency training conducted by the artists along with social service professionals and academics.

Chiare Inaudi, the Gap work project's Italian local action coordinator will share project findings and issues at this residence training for artists, held 27 to 31 January.



:: More Gap work training across Catalonia, Spain ::
January to May 2014

Youth, gender and violence. Let's make prevention ours. Training for professionals who work with young  people.

(Joves, gènere i violències. Fem nostra la prevenció. Formació per a professionals que treballen amb joves.)

From January to May 2014 training is happening across Catalonia: Barcelona, Girona, Cambrils and Lleida.
Get the full programme here (only in Catalan)

Here some images from Girona and Barcelona:



:: ESRC seminar: Understanding the young sexual body ::

November 2013, IoE, London, UK

Bruenl University reserachers Dr Pam Alldred and Malin Stenstrom attended the ESRC day seminar at the Institute of Education in November 13.

This seminar 3 of the series was entitled : Understanding the young sexual body. On Desire.

Guest speakers included Deborah Tolman from CUNY, USA (image).


:: Association Candela talks about preventing gender violence amongst young people ::

25th November 2013, Spanish television TV1 

Within the IX Forum against gender violence (Barcelona, Spain), and the activities around the 25th of November, the Association Candela from Barcelona (Spain) talked about prevention of gender violence amongst young people. You can see a news flash about it on Spanish TV1 here.


:: UK Recognises Enormity of Sexual Violence Among Children and Young People ::

26th November 2013

The UK headlines today - in the 16 days of challenging violence against women - announce the publication of two reports about sexual violence faced by children and young people: The Office of the Children's Commissioner is publishing the final report from its Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups “If only someone had listened” and "It's wrong but you get used to it": A qualitative study of gang-associated sexual violence towards, and exploitation of, young people in England.

These reports present a horrifying picture of the gang-associated sexual violence that young women face on a massive scale. They report the use of rape of girlfriends, sisters and mothers in inter-gang attacks, and the routine abuse of women within gangs themselves as the lowest of the low in gang hierarchies.

The popular media has been highlighting these abuses and the urgent need for action, but does also reinforce some problematic assumptions, such as, that middle class girls are not at risk, that rape is 'sex' (rather than violence).

Also out today are the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (NATSAL) findings documenting the shifting patterns of views about sex and sexuality among a large representative sample of adults in Britain. One of the findings highlighted in popular coverage is that adults are more accepting of same-sex relationships but less tolerant of adultery +info

The Gap Work project is linked to these projects by involvement of author Carlene Firmin MBE on our Expert Advisory Panel and Dr. Pam Alldred's membership of the London Met study.


:: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women ::
25th November 2013

UK - 16 Days of Action Against Violence Against Women - 25th November to 10 December 2013

Which are the 16 Days and Why

Calendar of Events for the 16 days of action in 2013

We are still adding events and statements to the blog. If you have any items you would like included please email or send a link to


:: What's happening in the UK this week?::

18 November 2013

The legacy of Section 28, ten years on:

Today, 18th November 2013, marks the tenth anniversary of the repeal of Section 28 – but what was it, and what impact did it have? Writing on the ten-year anniversary of the repeal of Section 28 in England and Wales, Tom Hayes, the editor of beyondpositive, says the law meant he was unable to receive basic advice about same-sex relationships at school. Read on +info


Friday 22 November is White Ribbon Day.

Check out events across the UK. Here some info about what Lewisham Council (one of the Gap work associate partners) is organizing: 

White Ribbon is an international campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence. The United Nations has designated 25 November as International Day for the elimination of violence against women and girls. Lewisham Council supports ending male violence against women and girls by promoting a week of events culminating in a White Ribbon day parade in Lewisham.+info



:: Event about the Internationl day against gender violence ::

25 November 2013, Taragona (Spain)

The University Rovira i Virgili organizes this event with talks, debate and a musical cloenda.

See the full programme here.



:: Gap work at the conference: 'Expanding the horizons of gender violence' ::

11th and 12th November 2013, Parets del Vallès (Spain)

The Local Action Coordinator for Spain, Barbra Biglia from the University Rovira i Virgili and the external evaluator Gerard Coll i Planas from the University of Vic discuss the Gap work project aims and training at this gender related violence conference.

11-12/11/2013, Gap work at the conference on Expanding the horizons of gender violence, Parets del Vallès (Spain)



Image and video taken during the round table “Perspectives crítiques sobre la violència contra les dones. Interseccions violència de gènere – heterosexisme” (Critical Perspectives about violence against women. Intersections of gender violence - heterosexism)



::  Action research conference: 'Expanding the horizons of gender violence' ::

11th and 12th November 2013, Parets del Vallès (Spain)

The Equality Service of the Local Council Parets del Vallès and the group [Gender research and social action] invite to participate in the action research conference "Expanding the horizons of gender violence" to be held on 11 and 12 November 2013 in the Cooperative Space of the town.

Gap work project partners from the University Rivira i Virgili, and the associations Candela and Tamaia, will participate and present the Gap work project.

You can sign up on Facebook.



:: Gap work training courses have started this week in Barcelona! ::

15th October 2013, Barcelona, Spain


The training in Spain has started with four groups, targeting two different areas of practitioners:

  1. Teachers for professional training courses in the community services area: social integration, socio-cultural actions, dependency care, and education.
  2. Nurses and officers for social integration, who work directly with young people and institutions.

These specific training sessions ‘Joves, Gènere i Violències’ (Youths, Gender and Violence) will be once a week 5 hours.

There will be different courses, with more groups and areas of practitionairs coming soon, in Barcelona, Ireland, Italy and UK!

The coordination of the design and organization of the courses, by the project partner University Rovira i Virgili. Courses have been designed and organized by the project partners Candel and Tamaia. The following associate partners have provided invaluable support with reaching participants:

  • Departament d'Ensenyament, Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Agència Catalana de Joventut
  • Federació d'Associacions de Veïns de Barcelona


:: BERA 2013 - British Educational Research Association Conference ::

 3rd to 5th September 2013

Project Coordinator Dr Pam Alldred and Research assistant Malin Stenstrom from Brunel University attend the BERA 2013 Conference at the University of Sussex. +info


:: European Sociological Association (ESA) Conference::

28th to 31st Agust 2013, Turin, Italy 

Project Coordinator Dr Pam Alldred and Research assitant Malin Stenstrom from Brunel University attend the annual International Conference in Turin. +info




:: Oñati Congress ::
10th to 12th July 2013, Oñati (Spain)

The congress was hosted by the International Institute for Sociology of Law, located in Oñati, Spain.
It was aimed at examining the main conceptual frameworks for thinking about gender violence. Participants were invited to consider how useful the concept of gender violence is for tackling violence against women, and particularly encouraged papers that examined the intersections of gender violence with other determinants of inequalities, in order to produce new conceptualisations of gender violence +info.

Local action Coordinator Barbara Biglia from the University Rovira i Virgili presented the Gap work project:

Oñati Conference 10 - 12 July 2013 (Spain) Local action Coordinator Barbara Biglia presents the Gap work project



:: The UK Training Partner Rights of Women announces its training and events::

London, 01/08/2013

Rights of Women ( is excited to be working with Brunel University and other partners delivering training on gender related violence and the law to those who work with young people. This is a project co-funded by European Union's Daphne III Programme. Please check our website for further details of the training courses, and see the Gap work project web site and flyer for further information.

Rights of Women is now taking bookings for training courses.

To find out more and to book your place, click here


:: DAPPSS events at NUIM University ::

 June 2013, Ireland

The Department of Applied Social Studies (DAPPSS), will organise over the next 18 month a number of events within the Gap work Project for youth workers to explore the area of gender (and sexualities) conscious youth work.
Upcoming events in June 2013 are:

Thursday 6th June
Exploratory Focus Group: to discuss issues related to gender in youth work: i.e. what it means to be a man/woman youth worker.

Tuesday 25th June
First of a series of workshops on youth work with girls and young women.



:: Tarragona, 26/06/2013 ::

The spanish Local Action Coordinator University Rovira i Virgili announces its collaboration in the Gap Work project.



:: Turin, 10/06/2013 ::

The italian Local Action Coordinator UNITO - CIRSDe announces its collaboration in the Gap Work project



::Turin, 18/06/2013::

The Italian LGBT rights association and Gap work Project training provider, Circolo Culturale Maurice, announces its collaboration in the project



:: Turin, Italy, 10/04/2013 ::


AO Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino announces its collaboration in the Project GAP WORK