Professor David Hand

Professor David Hand, Imperial College London, UK.
David Hand 

Bio: David Hand has held chairs in statistics at Imperial College and the Open University.  He is a Fellow of the British Academy, and has won various prizes and awards for his research, including the Guy medal of the Royal Statistical Society and a Royal Society Research Merit Award.  He has held consultancies for numerous bodies in the public and private sectors, including serving on the statistics advisory boards of GSK and Astrazeneca, on the Methodology Advisory Board of the UK’s Office for National Statistics, and as Chief Scientific Advisor to Winton Capital Management.  He has written over 300 scientific papers and 25 books, and is well-known for his research in classification, data mining, and consumer credit scoring.  He served twice as president of the Royal Statistical Society.

Title: Data not dogma: big data, open data, and the opportunities ahead

Abstract: Automated data capture is leading to more and more larger and larger databases.  Moreover, there are moves to make them freely available. Such databases span every domain, from biomedicine, through physics, to government and social policy.  These databases provide the ore from which we can extract understanding of how nature is and how the world really works.  This talk looks at some of these areas, stressing their commonality, and examining the statistical, data mining, and machine learning tools which are being used.  We have come a long way in intelligent data analysis, but we are still only on the foothills: the peaks lie ahead.